Getting the most from your boiler system.

Getting the most from your Boiler system

In this day and age, our homes have become more than just a living space. They have become template to reflect their owner’s style and can be made more welcoming and enjoyable than before. A key part of this is keeping the home warm and properly supplied with hot water, as such a properly working and maintained boiler is a corner stone of any modern home.

Eventually all of us will require a new boiler and it is assumed that by changing an old boiler for a new one that the rest will take care of itself. However we have seen many times where the boiler has been changed to a brand new one and yet problems persist and you can even experience additional problems than before the project.

By going to the right people and knowing what they should do when they change the system it can prevent this inconvenience. When you change the old system to the new you have to make sure always you follow several steps before the new install as well as properly arrange other fittings to get the system preforming at peak performance. These include; power flushing the old system, changing the timer and thermostat, running the right size gas pipe to fit the boiler (a common mistake), running the condensing pipe in a right way for the system as well as also installing a magnetic filter system. These few extra jobs help your new boiler run efficiently and not cause issues for the long term future.

Most importantly you have to make sure you service your boiler every year. That is a manufacturer requirement for honouring their warranties and why we also provide servicing and free quotations for this and all our other services.

However we have seen people just change the boiler without dong these additional steps and charging around 500 pound less than a proper install should cost but then forcing the customer to pay much more over time for the maintenance and fixing these issues. This is a mindset we see more and more in the modern age, with products such as cars and the like being designed with planned redundancy to keep the market churning.

We have been changing boilers for the last seven years and none of these have given any kind of problem to our clients after install as we pride ourselves on doing a full and complete job and then standing by the work with our guarantees. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me or my staff, to see what we can do for you.

Bahram Motovalli

Owner of 3 Step Design

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